Globalized economic growth and development has placed greater opportunities in the business context to enter international markets and at the same time seek to increase quality standards in production or supply of services and even production, thus favoring the economic development of the country.

In VirGO, a team of work and strategic services has been integrated that will allow the achievement of the institutional objectives focused on the design and personalized planning based on the particular needs of the companies, know each one of them through this website and take advantage of the opportunities that the national and international context offers.



Co-founder and CEO

Throughout her master in International Trade, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Marie has been living in France, Spain, United States, Chile and Mexico. She gained an international experience that allowed her to understand and answer efficiently the globalization’s challenges. After partnering up and opening an international trade company in Mexico, Global 4, Marie decided to come back home and expand the business in Europe by creating VirGO.

Proactive, team-player and pro positif, she makes sure things get done and relationships grow.


Co-founder and Foreign Trade Manager

After working in the United States, Germany and Italy, Roberto Soriano started his business when he turned 30 in Mexico. The complexity of the services of the global operations he was undertaking made his notoriety. Ten years later, in 2018, he co-founded with Marie Macone Global 4 and became CEO with the long-term goal to open offices in Europe in order to grow internationally.

Agil, confident and result driven he always find the best way to make the operation a success.


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